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Fluid System always pays close attention to the development of various sectors and offers the most advanced products and technology. This is done side-by-side with prestigious companies capable of developing new technologies for brushless motors and their drives.
In particular, for BAUMULLER, the company is a partner in the pre and post sales service offered to the customer, with sizing of the system according to specifications along with testing and commissioning (also providing service at the customer's facilities, relying on skilled technicians who provide assistance until the customer's machine is tested and in perfect condition).
Fluid System also works in the field of servo pumps and hybrid hydraulic power units, integrating its production with that of Baumuller, for a productive and successful partnership.


Fluid System is dedicated to reducing consumption

The reduction of energy consumption, which is now very important throughout the world, has led to the development of new Energy saving solutions in the hydraulic industry, resulting in pump units  driven by brushless motors combined with drives that regulate the speed of rotation. The brushless motor is coupled to a fixed displacement pump and the variation of the speed of rotation allows it to generate a variable oil flow in relation to the actual needs of the circuit, thereby reducing the overall power consumption.
These new solutions are alternatives to modern electro-hydraulic systems where the generation of hydraulic power is entrusted to a motor pump unit consisting of a traditional electric motor coupled to a proportional servo pump with axial pistons and P/Q digital control able to adjust both the pressure of the circuit and the speed and force (torque) of the linear hydraulic actuators (rotary) present.
Always oriented towards innovation, Fluid System has led an interesting R & D activity to address users' choices between these two alternative solutions, both of them modern, high performance and Energy saving.

The company combines the production capacity with a solid sales department that allows it to work effectively with Client Companies to identify the best solutions and components for the creation of very complex systems.

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